Why M&G Building?

Client/Builders relationship Cost Planning

Client deal with one project manager as point of contact from commencement through to completion.

Cost Planning ues

Transparency is critical to assist with building trust. Every M&G project is priced by our in house estimator and a detailed bill of quantities is provided with every tender submission. Integrity is something that is vital for a builder to maintain, we believe providing documentation which is transparent from the beginning can greatly assist with cost planning.

Repertoire of Construction Detail

Appreciation for architectural intention. Being fortunate enough to works with many different architects on different styles of homes across Sydney, we have developed the ability to understand and recognize designer’s intention and with a large repertoire of construction detail to satisfy designers requirements.   

Understanding of Structural Elements

With both partners have engineering background it enables M&G to take on more structurally challenging projects. However what is more beneficial than just having an understanding of structural design, is having the mix of appreciation of architectural intention and being able to utilise the understanding how structural element react to produce a product which is beautiful, yet structurally sound.